KillfiX began in an industrial warehouse on the south side of San Francisco. Co-founders Matt Shelton and Cedric Wentworth, artists born and raised in the City, wanted to create a brand that reflects their belief in the empowerment of the conscious rebel, and rejects labels as oppressive to individual freedom. As artists, Matt and Cedric see the creative act akin to a screwdriver between the spokes of the Machine, a way to defy the corrosive influence of the current Orwellian Surveillance State. KillfiX is inspired by the original American tradition of the proud renegade, taking the reclamation of their personal freedom into their own hands.

Conscious of the original identity of San Francisco as a haven for rebels and free thinkers, Cedric and Matt set out to establish a line of jewelry and clothing that combines expert craftsmanship with radical design, in which both the labor practices and the quality of the finished product honor the unique identity of the individual. Cedric hand designs each new prototype and makes sure it meets our exacting specifications before it is turned over to a trusted group of artisans at our San Francisco warehouse for limited production runs.

As the project expanded, killfiX began hosting unique events showcasing the work of a diverse range of artists. KillfiX continues to host product release parties, movie premieres, poetry readings, as well as pop-up events throughout the city and Northern California. For us, it's always been about honoring San Francisco's tradition as a bastion of individual free expression.

We're always interested in engaging with the creative community of San Francisco and the greater Bay Area, and look forward to meeting you at our next killfiX event.